COVID-19 Impact

Evidence is growing that the COVID-19 crisis is having a devastating impact on the career prospects of university research and teaching staff, and that these are worse for groups already under-represented within the sector. In a time of crisis and economic decline, decision making is likely to  revert  to entrenched behaviours and biases, threatening recent progress in terms of inclusion and diversity in academia.

Additionally, in research, where career attainment gaps of marginalised groups are greater than elsewhere, this threat is heightened. While evidence is emerging from across the sector this survey aims to better understand what interventions and policies can be put in place to support staff and, in particular, those who are under-represented within the sector.

In collaboration with the VISNET project at the University of Glasgow, we are looking into the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on research and teaching staff at UK universities. To find out more information about this work please check out the details here. If you have ~20 minutes to spare, please complete this survey if you would like to contribute your experience to our understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on research and teaching staff.