October – November 2021 Roadblocks to innovation: Creating inclusive research communities

The UK Government Research and Development Roadmap was published in 2020, setting out the UK’s vision for science, research and innovation. Improving the culture of research, addressing long standing equity issues, and attracting, training, and retaining diverse people are key to this strategy.

We have designed the series as dialogues between experts to address the roadblocks on the published Roadmap. If institutions want diverse researchers to create world leading research and tackle global challenges, those institutions must first be able to answer the six questions tackled in these sessions.

These thought-provoking conversations across fields will be chaired by early career researchers to facilitate discussion intended to provide research-informed recommended actions for institutions to create more inclusive research communities in order to enable world leading research and innovation.

November 2020: Pop-Up Inclusion Matters

A series of workshops and seminars from EPSRC Inclusion Matters research projects and other related work at the University of Edinburgh